Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ballet Dress Rehearsal

Holland and her friends.. are they not the cutest?

Of course it would not be Holland without some silly, goofy, and crazy faces!

What will I do with her?

This is by far one of the prettiest Ballet Recitals my daughters have ever been a part of.. Last night they had the dress rehearsal so I had to share a couple of Holland in her outfit.. she dances to "whistle while you work" and it is PRECIOUS! At their age all they have to do is stand there and they are cute! Ha, hope they enjoy that!

As soon as I have some of Manon I will post them too!

Thanks Y'all!


Together We Save said...

Beautiful. My daughters never did dance or ballet it looks amazing.

Together We Save said...

Thanks for following me!! :-)

Mrs. Tara said...

I need a copy of the one of my best friend leaning against the little pole thing- too sweet!