Friday, October 30, 2009

A Little Halloween Fun

My little Ghosts! What fun this was! The children totally got into the shoot and so did I
It turned out just as I had pictured in my head! Love it!

I love theme ideas! It gets away from a traditional family portrait.. (yes we do all need those) but I love to have some fun with them too! And a 'theme' can start with anything- the place, a pair of shoes, the perfect outfit... If you see something that inspires you- don't pass it by!

Hope it doesn't rain out our Halloween Fun Party!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Do Drugs!

Monday, October 19, 2009


The first person to guess the correct location of this shoot (minus Amanda or Kyle) wins a free Christmas mini session for Christmas cards!
Share the contest please!

Love Struck!

Doesn't he just look totally love struck and absorbed in this image? Exactly how you want your Prince Charming to see you!

 This was such a gorgeous spot and such a gorgeous couple! I so look forward to the wedding pictures! They were so great! 

Love Those Stolen Moments!

I adore this image- they light was streaming through the tree just perfect, isn't it touching and so romantic? It just looks like a fairy tale. My daughter (11) has a great eye and we could not decide on color or black and white.. it was just beautiful both ways!

Happy Moments!

Just Beautiful! Love the colors!
Amanda and Kyle are a great couple! Congratulations!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Fall Days

I LOVE photography! I love my job. 
I catch myself all the time looking a people (servers, people sitting next to me at church, people sitting next to me at restaurants, etc..) and thinking about how I would pose them, where I would want to take their pictures.. I know crazy! 
Well as you can imagine, that is a major pain for my children, LOL! I frequently pull over the side of the road and they all roll their eyes and say "Not another picture"!
Okay but is this spot not gorgeous?

Cooper (he was a really good sport)

This picture is so Manon!

Holland always poses for me! I will be so sad if she quits.

So this was the spot.. Isn't it gorgeous? 

Love Takes Flight

This is my favorite! I caught this from behind and it was just such a gorgeous and emotional moment: 'A Stolen Kiss' I am a 'poser' but love to catch these stolen moments.

Can't you just imagine what she is saying to him? I feel like the moment right before the kiss or hug or etc.. is most meaningful and beautiful. 

They were married at the landing field in Benton and the views were breathtaking! It rained on and off, but No one let that stop them. The mist, the colors- incredible!

Another stolen moment! 

Ha! Don't you love the rain boots? Allyson was assisting me on this wedding and these were actually her boots! Of course we had to use them! You just Never know what we will think of!

A little Naughty!

Incredible views

This is the plane they flew away in! Isn't that so cool?

I had an incredible time with these planes! I wish I could take them to all the weddings!



Saturday, October 10, 2009


 We were sitting in a parking lot when Cooper asked me if a tornado was coming. Well it set off a fire alarm in our car- all 3 of my children were going nuts wanting to know if this was a tornado. It looked so much like a teeny one that I took a picture out the window. It was just the way the cloud was shaped. Isn't it the strangest looking thing?

Friday, October 9, 2009

16, a new car, what a great time!

Cody was a total pro! It started to pour rain during our shoot, so I ask him if he wanted to wait it out or reschedule, his answer "No , let's get this over!" LOL! MEN! So we did and it turned out fantastic!  

I love this image of him because I think he had a genuine smile. He is  a really great young man!

Another Favorite because his gorgeous blue eyes pop! I always think eyes are one of the best features on most people.. I love every color and Cody has great blue eyes!

Fun! I like to shoot through things (the grass) it seems to give a hint of mystery!

Love this! Cody, you can be my model anyday!
Happy 16th! 
btw LOVE his car!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Art Fun

Yesterday we went to the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga, TN. It is a really great museum and they are offering free 1st Sundays.. If you have never been it is a great time to go. I am always drawn to the 'old portraits' , I can imagine an entire story looking at the eyes of the person in the portrait. The mansion itself is great to see.
On the weekends they do crafts for kids and I did one too. :)
If you are taking children, and have never  been, take note that they do have a nude statue out front: My children got a lot of giggles out of that! Ha!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Your Invited!

Thank you for such a successful Home School Photo Day!!!

First of all let me say a Huge thanks to all the great home school moms and these incredible kids!
This is not our usual 'niche' , but it just turned out fantastic! We will totally do this again! Spring and Fall Home School days will be on our lists from here on out! Tell your other buddies!

Now a Huge thank you to Allyson Hannah for assisting and shooting great shots! Allyson has been assisting with weddings as a second shooter at AGS, and has been a very big blessing! Thank you Allyson! Our combined styles compliment each other very well.

Thanks Again!~