Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love Takes Flight

This is my favorite! I caught this from behind and it was just such a gorgeous and emotional moment: 'A Stolen Kiss' I am a 'poser' but love to catch these stolen moments.

Can't you just imagine what she is saying to him? I feel like the moment right before the kiss or hug or etc.. is most meaningful and beautiful. 

They were married at the landing field in Benton and the views were breathtaking! It rained on and off, but No one let that stop them. The mist, the colors- incredible!

Another stolen moment! 

Ha! Don't you love the rain boots? Allyson was assisting me on this wedding and these were actually her boots! Of course we had to use them! You just Never know what we will think of!

A little Naughty!

Incredible views

This is the plane they flew away in! Isn't that so cool?

I had an incredible time with these planes! I wish I could take them to all the weddings!



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