Friday, October 9, 2009

16, a new car, what a great time!

Cody was a total pro! It started to pour rain during our shoot, so I ask him if he wanted to wait it out or reschedule, his answer "No , let's get this over!" LOL! MEN! So we did and it turned out fantastic!  

I love this image of him because I think he had a genuine smile. He is  a really great young man!

Another Favorite because his gorgeous blue eyes pop! I always think eyes are one of the best features on most people.. I love every color and Cody has great blue eyes!

Fun! I like to shoot through things (the grass) it seems to give a hint of mystery!

Love this! Cody, you can be my model anyday!
Happy 16th! 
btw LOVE his car!


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