Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank you for such a successful Home School Photo Day!!!

First of all let me say a Huge thanks to all the great home school moms and these incredible kids!
This is not our usual 'niche' , but it just turned out fantastic! We will totally do this again! Spring and Fall Home School days will be on our lists from here on out! Tell your other buddies!

Now a Huge thank you to Allyson Hannah for assisting and shooting great shots! Allyson has been assisting with weddings as a second shooter at AGS, and has been a very big blessing! Thank you Allyson! Our combined styles compliment each other very well.

Thanks Again!~


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Mrs. Tara said...

So glad it went well. Please keep me posted on dates so I can help get the word out. oh by the way- where were your kids pictures from this day????????????????? I need to see some. :)