Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Contest!!! New sessions!

New contest- but I have to make rules (sorry I am not very good at that) :(

You have to give the exact name of the locations (not just the description of them and you have to name both spots) OK- but guess as many times as you like...
the prize is a Spring Package (good one)!!!!
All images are in the same locations, these guys are friends and I met them the same day.... 

So this is a darling little lady that I adore photographing anyday!! and NO Sarah you cannot guess! LOL!!!!

And another in the same location

and same area , just right down the road (HINT)

Okay so if you want to guess FB me, or email me!
also more pics of these sessions on the fan page- so look all you want
and I will add more hints tomorrow~

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